Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Hadrian (
30 Mar 1995 01:23:16 GMT

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>In <3la89c$> (Hadrian)
>> Drunk driving is any action beyond an accepted mean. This does
>>not hold as an adequate analogy for the anti-racists. For anti-racists
>>(prohibitionists?) any racism is too much racism.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Humanists.
>Anti-racist is an absurd term. Humanists are opposed to racism because
>it's INHUMANE. As for racists themselves, they're just people like
>anyone else. They suffer from a neurotic disorder, called racism, that
>requires compassion and treatment just like any disorder.

Interesting. "A neurotic disorder . . . that requires compassion and
treatment just like any disorder." Just a point of curiosity, how do you
feel you fit into all of this? Do you see your actions on this newsgroup
as compassionate and theraputic? I'm not trying to be provacative, I'm
really just curious.