Re: Race, intelligence, and anti-racist prejudice (Was: Genetic Evolution)

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6 Apr 1995 16:16:33 -0400

>On Wed, 29 Mar 1995, BARD wrote:

>> I haven't read "Bell Curve" mainly because I'm sure it would be
>> over my head; still, there's something I'd like to have answered
>> if anyone has the time...
>> If this book compares blacks to whites doesn't it assume that
>> blacks are a group not possessing any significant amount of
>> white genes?
>> We've all seen blacks of exceedingly fair skin, fine hair, etc.
>> How does the book account for them?
>> If for example, you or I were to father a child with a black
>> woman, could we expect that child to score significantly less
>> on IQ than a child delivered of a white woman?

There are several kinds of things you have to keep in mind when you read
tbc or read about tbc and those kinds of topics. You have to remember to
wonder what having the best and brightest members of a group of people
lynched for four or five generations would do to iq averages; you have to
wonder what ghetto culture would do to such averages, what government
programs like housing projects would do to such averages... And then,
you have to remember that the greatest poet who ever wrote in any Indo-
European language, Pushkin, was a man of color, a great or great-great
grandson of a man given to Tsar Peter as a gift of some sort by the
Turkish sultan after being taken on a slave raid; you have to remember
that our greatest composer (Joplin) was black, and you have to remember
who Percy Julian was; his Chicago chemical plant developed the "bean
soup" used to put out shipboard fires in WW-II. If we'd lost a carrier
every time one caught on fire in those days, you might be speaking

The idea of an Aryan or white iq advantage is bullshit and, as even the
authors of tbc note, there is nothing to prevent whites from suffering the
same kinds of problems which underclass blacks suffer, given the same
kinds of circumstances or the same kinds of stupid government policies
affecting their lives.

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