Re: Internet and Social Anthropology

Brian E. Schwimmer (schwimm@CC.UManitoba.CA)
Mon, 3 Apr 1995 09:40:10 -0500

I have just finished a review article on this subject (submitted to the
AA) and have set up a hypertext version on my www site as follows:

You might also be interested in a tutorial I am designing for teaching
kinship at an introductory level:

On 2 Apr 1995, Clive Young

> We are very interested in the Internet as a new issue in Social
> Anthropology, and especially how it might be used in
> education; as an information source, means of communication
> and as a study area. It seems a very exiting field - does
> anyone know of good case studies or research done in this area?
> We'd be happy to share anything we find out!
> Many thanks.
> Clive Young and Mireia Asensio
> University of Manchester

Brian Schwimmer
Department of Anthropology
University of Manitoba