Data collection

Cheryl Williams (
Mon, 3 Apr 1995 15:21:09 -0400

In my senior seminar at USF, we are trying to compare some information
about the undergraduate program.
Please help us, by responding with a brief and informal explanation.

We are interested in finding information from the following Universities.

Univ. of FL
FL Int. Univ.
Arizona State
Univ. of Minnesota
Univ. of S. Dakota
Univ. of Arkansas

If you would like to reply, and your school is not listed... please do so
anyway. Adding schools for comparison would not be a problem... more
like an advantage.

We need to analyze how accurate the catalog course listings are, by
comparing it to the classes actually offered/listed in the schedule.

I feel that students/faculty/staff would easily be able to confirm
whether or not most classes are offered regularly, some classes, few etc.

So, I know you are out there.... please respond very soon!

Cheryl Williams
USF-Tampa, FL