Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Donald Edwards (
5 Apr 1995 01:00:53 -0700

John Otteson ( wrote:
"In article <3lrr6v$>, (Gary Strand) writes:
"|> mm> mellow mike
"|> mm> affirmative action has the goal of integrating the workforce. that means
"|> non-whites where whites used to be. that means white people have to be
"|> sacrificed. white people, who are in place and have 'rights' to be present
"|> in the workforce because of decades of white supremacy.
"|> Prove that *I* got my job because of "white supremacy".

"Obviously, we don't know enough about you to do this. Tell us about your father's
"career and your grandfather's careers. Tell us about the African-Americans who
"were viable candidates in competition for the jobs your father and grandfather
"were able to get.

Well, I can't speak for Gary Strand. But here's my shot.

My grandfather was a traveling salesman. He died when my father
was in junior high school. My father inherited nothing of value,
not even a good name <turned out Gramps was legally married, but
Gramma wasn't... and this in the Bible Belt...>

My father was a carpenter (independent contractor) and aircraft
quality control inspector. He was disabled, permanently unemployable,
when I was in elementary school, and died when I was a college
freshman. I inherited a 10-year-old Toyota and a box of clothes
that didn't fit me.

I'm a computer network administrator, having trained as a computer

Give me some reason to suspect that my father's and grandfather's
careers are in any way relevant to my career.