Re: The Bell Curve : Reaction time and IQ

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Mon, 3 Apr 1995 07:58:49 +1000

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>From: (Arun Gupta)
>Subject: The Bell Curve : Reaction time and IQ
>Date: Sun, 2 Apr 1995 13:26:17 GMT

>"Reaction time" is the time elapsing between onset of a signal light
>and a subject's lifting a finger to initiate a required response;
>"movement time" is the additional time needed to execute the response.

Both require motor skills, i.e., lifting a finger requires muscles to move.
Already, the theory is on shakey ground.

>Now, in the still newer 1993 study cited by Herrnstein and Murray,
>Jensen reports as "an apparent anomaly" that (once again !) blacks
>are slightly faster in choice reaction time than whites.

I bet I know the cause of the anomaly, not enough data. I strongly suspect
that if enough data was taken, we'd see that the difference between Black
and White would be less than the degree of confidence for the measuring

Why do I think I could conduct the test using NBA players and people of
average height in the general population and "prove" that taller is smarter?

Once again we see, "Pick a conclusion then acquire/manipulate the data to
support it."

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