hekatologos 0924

Martin Helick (rmhelick@telerama.lm.com)
31 Mar 1995 21:48:46 -0500

0924 Is greasan do shaoil an oige. (Youth is the web of life)

The experiences of early childhood form the matrix upon which our
later experiences are arrayed. Far more than many will admit, this
is what "culture" is all about, not the quality of our ethical and
religious codes, not even the elegance of our philosophies and the
sublimity of our arts, but with what grace and ordered determina-
tion we prepare our children for adulthood. And whether, in this
age of moral relativism and intellectual ambivalence, we can nego-
tiate the treacherous ground between micromanaging conduct and
"letting children be children", and how past, present and future
can be invested with continuity and purged of angst and doubt.
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