Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Hadrian (
3 Apr 1995 19:49:44 GMT

In <> (Scott Sellers) writes:

>How about giving an example of good, or even benign racism? Sounds
>like it really shouldn't be a problem.
>I mean, what the hell. I'm all for it.Why not define racism by some of
>these less extreme manifestations? I certainly don't want to posit an
>extremist argument.
>Let's get right to the moderate, reasonable, benevolent heart of
>racism, shall we?

A partial list of ENEMIES OF THE STATE:
-the white couple who chooses to live in a white neighborhood
-the black couple who chooses to live in a white neighborhood
(don't get lost now, as black crime rates rose many blacks
chose to move into white neighborhoods to escape the
rising violence. This is sensible. It is also racist.)
-the black or white man or woman who crosses the street to avoid a black
person. This includes Jesse Jackson (who said "There is nothing
more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down
the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about
robbery--then look around and see somebody white and feel
-the white who disapproves of a relative marrying a black (according
to a 1991 survey, 66 percent of whites still feel this way.
Tsk tsk.)
-whites who refuse to undergo "sensitivity training"
-(and according to the U of Connecticut) whites who exhibit
"inappropriately directed laughter" and who demonstrate
"conspicuous exclusion [of another student] from conversation."
-white employers who emphasize qualification over quota
-white American students who support the 1st Amendment and refuse to
yield these rights to the university "speech codes."
-anyone who complains about affirmative action, welfare, illigitimacy,
quotas, high crime rates, or criticizes any black official.
-all police officers
-any cab driver that refuses to take his cab into an urban high-crime
zone at night.

WARNING! Do not approach anyone matching these discriptions!
WARNING! Do not attempt to apprehend!
WARNING! They are to be considered armed and dangerous!

This is a service announcement by Students for a Democratic Society.

(please . . .)