Re: Political Organization of the 'Net

Scott D Frank (
26 Mar 1995 06:29:32 GMT

: As I understand it, the Internet grew out of the ARPANET. The
: idea is for individual sites to communicate with each other when
: communication with headquarters is cut off.
: I haven't heard anything from headquarters for fifteen years, and
: the messages were garbled for at least ten years before that.
: Thus, my view of the organization of the Internet is:
: trying to survive after the cold war.
: Robert

interesting point. The original ARPAnet was designed to be able to
survive the destrcution of most of the telecom lines - that's one of the
reason packet-switching was used as a method of transmitting the data.
The felxibility that was meant to insure that the 'Net could survive a
nuclear war made it possible for it to survive the demise of the Cold one.