Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

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31 Mar 1995 04:33:05 GMT

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: In <3la89c$> (Hadrian)
: > Drunk driving is any action beyond an accepted mean. This does
: >not hold as an adequate analogy for the anti-racists. For anti-racists
: >(prohibitionists?) any racism is too much racism.
: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
: Humanists.
: Anti-racist is an absurd term. Humanists are opposed to racism because
: it's INHUMANE. As for racists themselves, they're just people like
: anyone else. They suffer from a neurotic disorder, called racism, that
: requires compassion and treatment just like any disorder.

i'm no humanist. i'm an anti-racist. racism is no neurotic disorder, it's
a praxis. lane you're trippin'.

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