Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

mellow mike (
31 Mar 1995 04:29:09 GMT

: Drunk driving is any action beyond an accepted mean. This does
: not hold as an adequate analogy for the anti-racists. For anti-racists
: (prohibitionists?) any racism is too much racism.

i'm the self proclaimed anti-racist and i agree that any racism is too
much racism, but i have the good sense not to get bogged down in name
calling. i'm not so much interested in *who* is or is not a racist as i am
with america's collective political ability and moral will to expunge and
continually combat racism, especially at the institutional level.

i say that for the same reason american *individuals* blithely accept
white identity, they blithely accept and support white supremacist ideas
which effect their politics in profound and anti-democratic ways.

one way to combat this is to let all the injured parties take over that
part of politics and basically kick whitey's ass. it doesn't work as a
long term strategy but it has some excellent tactics not the least of
which is that it gets attention and results.

another way is to get 'white' folks to seriously undertake the same kind
of collective introspection vis a vis identity and politics that americans
of african descent have been doing since we were all coloreds (then
negroes, then blacks, then african americans, then new world africans).

there are more ways.

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