soc.religion.shamanism update

Dean Edwards (
Thu, 30 Mar 1995 20:50:17 GMT

Hello. A few weeks ago we completed a major update to the
home site for soc.religion.shamanism. It is now dirctly
on the Internet. This means that articles will get forwarded
to the moderators much faster than before. In addition, we have
initiated a process that will enable most regular participants
in this newsgroup to have their postings expedited so that they
are approved and posted within minutes of being received at
Auldhaefen Associates.

In order to take advantage of this new faster forum for discussing
shamanism all that it is necessary to do is to regularly
post to the newsgroup. This will enable the moderators to
identify those who post articles that are on topic and do
not engage in personal attacks. In short, those you regularly post
will find that their articles appear very rapidly in the newsgroup.

If shamanic tradition and experience is of interest to you,
you are invited to join in the discussions. One continuing discussion
is about the historical presence of a Western Shamanic Tradition,
how it might be identified and revitalized.

Dean Edwards
a moderator for soc.religion.shamanism