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Sun, 2 Apr 1995 00:02:40 GMT

Thomas F Brown <> wrote:
>In article <3lf8br$6i7@ucsu.Colorado.EDU> penrose@ucsu.Colorado.EDU writes:
>> If anyone has any info on ANY schools offering MA or PhD in
>>Ethnomusicology (worldwide) please let me know. I have had trouble
>>locating schools of this type. Thanks in advance.
>UCLA has a pretty good program.

There is also a program at Connecticut Wesleyan, in Middletown CT.
I believe vibist Jay Hoggard now has his PhD from there; he also has
an undergraduate degree there, and as part of that program he spent
some time (a semester or year, I belive) in East Africa studying the
"ethnic" instuments.

Anthony Bracton is on the faculty at Wesleyan, but I belive he is in
the music department. Ed Blackwell was also affiliated with Wesleyan
for several years before he died.

Bill Hery
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