Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Gary Strand (
2 Apr 1995 06:33:31 GMT

mm> mellow mike

mm> if american whites were all actually like europeans things would be cooler.

Hunh? There's no racism in Europe? Is that why anti-immigration sentiment
over there makes California's Prop 187 look like small potatoes? Besides, it
was Europe that was the core of two wars that killed tens of millions of in-
nocent people. 'Course, that was mostly whites and Jews, so who cares? No,
Europe is not the best role model.

mm> but american whites have relatively no culture that they respect as their
own. but they do have whiteness.

I see. What's the "black culture" intersection between:
(a) Alan Keyes, the black GOP candidate for President;
(b) Louis Farrkhan;
(c) Jocelyn Elders;
(d) A black drag queen from San Francisco; and
(e) A Haitian immigrant.

Whitey just has whitey-ness, blacks have a common background, eh? Americans
who happen to be black have no more monolithic cultural quality than whites

mm> i suppose if we had more canadians down here, race wouldn't be the criteria
as much.

Nah, just language and Anglo-French tensions, with a healthy dose of seces-

mm> but now all we have is politics and whites don't have an anti-racist poli-
tics that would make the division more palatable..

'Course, "anti-racism" isn't "race-neutral", is it? If I don't care what your
skin color is, that isn't good enough - I gotta celebrate Kwanzaa too.

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