Re: Carlos Casteneda

J. Moore (
Wed, 29 Mar 95 12:07:00 -0500

-> In article <>,
-> David Paxson <> wrote:
-> >Can Casteneda be discussed on the Anthropolgy usenet. I would like
-> to >discuss the contoversy surrounding his work.
-> This might be fun, if you want to open up the subject. Could we
-> maybe--this being Usenet, and all--ask that people refrain from
-> posting opinions (questions are a different matter) unless they've
-> read at least on of the early Castaneda books, and some of Richard de
-> Mille's critique? (Yeah, I know, here I go sounding like a
-> goddam professor setting out prerequisites and stuff, but hey-- I am
-> what I am. And I'm not interested in wading through a bunch of
-> half-baked opinions from people who don't know what they're
-> talking about.)

Guess that precludes any posts from Casteneda himself...