Uplifting animals

Andrejs Vanags (andrejs@crl.com)
28 Mar 1995 16:50:33 -0800


I have read the Uplift war by David Brin (Sience Fiction Book) and years
ago I saw 'The Planet of the Apes' with Charlton Heston. Both of them
deal with the 'uplifting' of primates and the book also deals with
dolphins. Basically you breed the animals for intelligence, and you might
also breed for modifying the speech centers to allow the chimps to speak.

Has anyone seriously considered this? Is it feasible? How many years
would it take a breeding program to develop intelligence? How do we
measure it? At what point do we stop meddling with their genes and allow
then some sort of self government? Do we stop at an IQ of 80 and use them
for slaves? or continue meddling ingnoring their protests until their IQ
is higher? How do we integrate them into society? The whole subject is

But basically, can it be done?

Thanks, Andrejs Vanags andrejs@crl.com