Re: how old is homo sapiens?

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28 Mar 1995 18:26:52 GMT

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>Hi everybody
>Sorry about the anonymous post but this is the only way I can get on the net.
>I'm not sure if this is the appropriate group for this question, but I'll give
>it a shot. Anybody know when Homo sapiens appeared in the fossil record? Also,
>how long ago did our branch of the phylogenetic tree separate from other
>primates? I seem to recall 6 million years ago for this second question, but I
>don't know for sure.
>Brad Mellema
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According to my courses, Homo sapiens appeared around 300,000 yrs. ago,
(so-called 'archaic' sapiens) and modern man, H.sapiens sapiens appeared
approximately 120,000-100,000 yrs. ago.

According to DNA hybridization studies, and assuming a uniform molecular
clock, the pongid-hominid split occured approximately 7-5mya.

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