Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

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: > ... Humanists are opposed to racism because
: >it's INHUMANE. As for racists themselves, they're just people like
: >anyone else. They suffer from a neurotic disorder, called racism, that
: >requires compassion and treatment just like any disorder.
: This is the most sensible and compassionate statement on this topic
: I've seen so far. Racism is a delusional system with very damaging
: consequences to any culture that entertains it seriously.

no it's one of the most common and foolish approaches to combatting
racism. racists are not deluded, and those that feel that racism is, under
certain circumestances, socially constructive (as we have seen hadrian
argue here) are not necessarily in need of or responsive to 'compassion
and treatment'.

compassion and treatment indeed.

los angeles police chief darryl gates instructs his officers to use the
chokehold on suspects. institutional racism is rampant in the lapd. when
confronted with the fact that his officers are killing black citizens, he
offers testimony that their blood vessels don't open up like 'normal
people'. humanists would offer darryl gates compassion and treatment for
his neurotic disorder. perhaps humanists need to be choked.

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