Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

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: Lets define some terms to possibly assist the discussion:
: Prejudice: Prejudice is a set of attitudes held about a specific group.
: Prejudices are based in stereotypic thinking, that is, the tendency to
: lump persons with common outward appearances with a set of behaviors or
: capabilities.
: Discrimination: Discrimination refers to actions taken towards
: individuals that are members of some group about which a person holds a
: prejudice.
: Racism: Prejudices and discrimination based on racial characteristics.
: Sexism: Prejudices and discrimination based on sexual charachteristics.
none of these terms accurately would help anyone determine whether or not,
for example, the republican campaign of christine todd whitman used racist
tactics that could be banned from future campaigns. in other words, these
definitions are good to use talking about focus groups and individual
activities but not well suited for correcting anti-democratic actions of
political groups.

'racial characteristics' doesn't work demographically, for example. what
is the 'racial characteristic' of southern baptists?

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