Re: Homo Fossil timeline

Mackiaveli (
27 Sep 1996 20:21:21 -0400

>>>I know that some of this has been discussed many times, but
>>>I would like to get a fresh discussion based on some of the
>>>more recent discoveries (i.e. Neanderthals that are only 30k yrs
>>>old, etc)
>>These are usually all from Iberia e.g. Zafarraya (Hublin et al., 1995).
>I thought that there were also some 30k Neanderthals discovered in
>Bosnia, Croatia or Macedonia in what used to be Yugoslavia.

-These date to about 33 ka.

Don't forget about St. Cesaire, dated to between 32 and 29kya. Far as I
know, that is the most recent "good" Neanderthal find known.