Re: New Discoveries in Human Evolution

Lorenzo Love (
27 Sep 1996 18:48:14 GMT

David Sierra <> wrote:
>> ChrisA less expensive printed source than "Science" or "Nature" is "Science
>> News'. It is weekly and sometimes has late breaking stories on human
>> evolution with a bit more information than newspapers or TV.
>> Hoff Stuart Reston, VA
>Let me just interject by saying that I've been reading _Science News_
>since I was in high school and have found that it is accurate, up to
>date, has well written articles and usually will give information as to
>where the orginal research publication can be found. I'd recommend it
>for anyone trying to keep a general pulse of the state of research in the
>sciences today.
>David Sierra

I agree. I have been reading Science News on and off for 30+ years. They
now have a web site at:

which provides more indepth info then the paper version (and it's free!).
But they really need to setup a text only version of their site.

Lorenzo L. Love