Re: Speciation - how do you know?

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27 Sep 1996 11:20:11 -0400

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>It is certainly POSSIBLE that humans hunted even aurochs by running them
>down until they tired, a couple of selected heroes grabbing the horns
>and holding the animal down, and the rest killing it with wooden spears.
>In rodeos today, it is usually calves that are wrestled to the ground,
>but that is done single-handed and the animal is fresh; I believe that
>some people can bring a fully-grown Texas longhorn down.

It has been recorded. or at least I have read several different places
that quite a few groups of NA"s in Mexico and southwestern US could run
down deer on foot. Persistant I guess.
As far as wrestling a longhorn down, You can see it for yourself ,
somewhere in the west, on almost any summer evening. It's called
bulldogging, at the RO-DEE-O. With full growed bulls. The thing with
calves is to see how short a time it takes to rope and hogtie one.Even
some of the gurls do that.

W. .F. Van Houten