Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

WVanhou237 (
27 Sep 1996 11:16:27 -0400

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EarlL) writes:

>What will they teach if they do not teach evolution? Just the facts,
>Just the facts.
>Earl L. Langguth

Hay Rev.! Didn't they never teach you that one man's fact is another man's
fairy tale.?
Then again,maybe not. You'r one who would rather believe what a group of
hairy legged ignorent nomad preachers are "supposed" to have said even
before there was anyone could do more than repeat legends. For my part, I
would much rather teach kids Biology that lets them see lists of all the
thousands of different kinds of animals and bugs and birds and fish and
omeba and germs and stranger things and wonder how "what's his name"
managed to packall of 'em into his little boat.

"Arrogant Christians have caused more suffering and death than the
A pox on all your houses!

W. .F. Van Houten