Fossils in Amber

Harold Goldstein (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 14:46:46 GMT

Sorry for this intrusion but I believe that you might be interested
in the fossil insects in Amber we offer on the AmberLady Pages.

Especially for Christmas we are featuring 'kids' specimens for $5;
all specimens come with a nicely printed, educational pamphlet
describing, in pictures, the process by which these fossils were
created. We also have educational packets for teachers with specimens
for the entire class.

In additon we have some remarkable collector specimens.

We have been upgrading the pages, adding more links and references
in the subject areas of entomology and paleontology and more
examples of creatures that have been captured in amber.
More is to come but please check us again at: - the general fossil page. - the collector page.

For questions about the samples:
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