Re: Australian finds >100 000 BP?

Dan Barnes (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 15:54:07 GMT

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>Howard Wiseman wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I heard a tiny snippet on the news that some archaeologists are claiming
>> to have found artefacts/art? in Northern Australia dating back well over
>> 100 000 BP. If this is true it would cause a major upset to current
>> theories about the evolution and spread of modern humans. Is anyone out
>> there able to fill me in on the details of this find, and whether it is
>> to be taken seriously?
>Howard Check out the:
>Origins of Humankind Web Site
>There is a wealth of information concerning human evolution
In fact we are discussing the point at the site with a leading expert on rock art
and Australian archaeology. I have also submitted a news article to the same
site based on the best newspaper report I could find (Daily Telegraph, London).
However, we must wait until the Antiquity paper is realeased before we can
comment in full and draw conclusions.
The find does not have major implications for the Out of Africa theory as it would
more likely imply that archaic H. sap. made the journey first.

This story is likely to run for a long time.