Re: New Discoveries in Human Evolution

Lorenzo Love (
23 Sep 1996 18:56:34 GMT

Ralph L Holloway <> wrote:
>On 21 Sep 1996, JSterl7511 wrote:
>> Although I am not a scientist one of my intellectual passions is the study
>> of human evolution. One problem, however, is that as soon as I pick up and
>> read a book on the topic. e.g., Ancestors, The Origins of Humankind, The
>> Fossil Trial, The Wisdom of the Bones, someone reports of a new find in
>> Africa, Europe or Asia that immediately puts alot of the material in the
>> book(s) out of date. Does anyone have any suggestions on what technical
>> journals and popular press magazines an interested observer like myself
>> should scan to keep abreast of the latest news and scientific findings in
>> human evolution. Thanks.
>John, the best two journals for announcing recent discoveroies are NATURE
>and SCIENCE, more the former than the latter. AJPA (Am. J. Physical
>Anthropology) and JHE (Journal Human Evolution) often carry detailed
>descriptions and comparisons of the new finds. A newerjournal calle
>EVOLUTIONARY ANTHROPOLOGY, edited by John Fleagle, also carries excellent
>reviews of fossil discoveries and theoretical problems associated with
>them. Sometimes, the ANNUAL REVIEW OF ANTHROPOLOGY carries in-depth
>reviews of human evolutionary perspectives, as they always have a couple
>of review articles devoted to physical anthropology.
>Ralph Holloway
I feel the same as JSterl. You would think that both NATURE and SCIENCE
would be standard fare in every library in the world but not so. The
local county library doesn't carry them and no way I can afford a
subscription. Does anyone know of a free on line service that has this
kind of info?

Lorenzo L. Love