Re: Bipedalism and theorizing... was Re: Morgan and creationists

John Waters (
22 Sep 1996 09:54:33 GMT

Paul Crowley <> wrote in article
> Distances in the Gombe are relatively small.

JW: Distances in an Ape ancestors niche could be equally small.

> A female chimp with infant would find bipedal progression
extremely difficult
> if not impossible.

JW: Be careful Paul, I can feel feminist hackles rising. A male
could do this, but a determined and resourceful female could
not. Is that what you are saying?

Perhaps you could accept the possibility that the female could
scamper on a mixture of one handed knuckle walking and
bipedalism. A three day old baby is not very heavy, and the
female would have had a couple of days to experiment in her
birthing place.

> > From the point of view of predator avoidance, bipedalism
> > have clear advantages because of the increased elevation of
> > head and eyes.
> If we're talking of a woodland habitat, this hardly counts.

JW: True, but in a savannah habitat....
> The spines of knuckle-walking apes enter the skull towards the

> back, so they naturally look forward at all times.

JW: They naturally look forward when their trunk is vertical. It
is not usually vertical when they are knuckle walking.