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Fri, 20 Sep 1996 16:49:23 GMT

In sci.archaeology Beth Williams) wrote:

>In <> (Susan S. Chin)
>>It's been 6 years since the passage of the Repatriation Act, whereby
>>Native American remains and artifacts held by federally funded
>>institutions must be made available for reburial or return to Native
>>American groups.
>>I'm curious what the effect this has had on anthropologists and
>>archaeologists specialising in the study of Native American
>>Overall, has this hindered/helped Anthropological studies? Has the
>>increased dialogue between Native Americans and Anthropologists?
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

>I think I need to be careful answering this, as I might find myself
>eluding men in white coat curious as to why I'm holding a dialogue with
>myself <g>... Bet Steve Russell has the same concern, don't you Steve

>MB Williams, Kennebec-Penobscot (with tongue firmly planted in cheek)
>Dept. of Anthr., UMass Amherst

The simple question is: Do you have flame wars with yourself? As long
as you can keep both sides of the conversation pleasant and on topic
there is no need for those men in white coats. (Unless, of course, you
have a thing for men in white coats.)

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