Icarosaurus Siefkeri

Mario Colecchia (iuccio@deccanet.com)
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 17:41:59 -0400

I'm not sure whether my inquiry is appropriate for these news groups, but
I could not find any others related to fossils.

The Icarosaurus Siefkeri (Triassic Gliding Reptile) is the first airborne
vertebrate known to man. It existed approximately 175 to 200 million years
ago and pre-dates any other living form of aerial locomotion by 15 to 40
million years.

The only known fossil of the Icarosaurus Siefkeri was found in 1961 and
has been extensively researched and exibited by the New York Museum of
Natural History. The significance of this fossil has caused the science
of paleontology to reconsider the history of vertebrate evolution.

The owner and discoverer of the fossil is interested in selling this rare
find. Does anyone know how I can locate individuals or institutions who
would recognize the true value of the fossil, appreciate it's significance
and be interested purchasing it? Any information you could provide would
be greatly appreciated; even if you just point me in the direction of
another newsgroup.

Thanks in advance.

Mario Colecchia