Re: Homo Fossil timeline

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17 Sep 1996 03:21:25 GMT (Mark Feldman) wrote:
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<snipped all of my rambling questions>
>The best discussion of this I read is from Christopher Stringer, from
>the British Museum of Natural History, in Chapter 36, _Paleoclimate
>and Evolution_ edited by Elisabeth Vrba, et al, Yale University Press.
I will have to locate the book.
<snipped some really good info>
>The later appearance of humans in the far east, including Australia by
>40,000 yrs suggests that moderns migrated into southern Asia, being
>more temperate, from the middle east. Moderns don't show in far
>northern Asia until about 10,000 yrs., and human DNA data have them
>migrating from the middle east.

Very interesting! Does that mean that the population of northern Asia
was more of the H. heidelbergensis persuasion or that there are no
relics/bones/etc for that period of time? That is really significant given
that the Clovis culture is supposedly out killing off the American
megafauna by about 11000 yrs before present. If northern Asia were only
populated by the H. heidelbergensis or their direct progeny, who came
across Berengia? Probably a dumb question, but the pieces just dont
seem to fit together!

Thanks for the good info and leads to some references.