Re: Speciation - how do you know?

Nick Maclaren (
18 Sep 1996 16:12:25 GMT

In article <>, (Paul Crowley) writes:
|> In article <51gmfr$>
|> "Nick Maclaren" writes:
|> > You are implying that humans armed
|> > with wooden spears are much less lethal than African hunting dogs. The
|> > latter have been reported as occasionally killing even Cape buffalo,
|> > which are a damn sight tougher than the aurochs was. And they routinely
|> > kill wildebeest . .
|> You're forgetting the relative speed and vulnerability of the
|> predator. When the hunted wildebeest (or other prey) turns on
|> a dog, it can quickly skip out of danger while others attack the
|> prey's rear. H.n. wouldn't have the agility for this. It would
|> just get mown down.

Eh? Modern humans are quite capable of such manoeuvres (witness
bullfighting). Why should Neanderthals be so much slower? I just
DON'T believe that they got prematurely fat, paunchy and breathless!

Whether or not they regularly hunted aurochs 'close to', the poster
originally claimed that their build was a result of adaptation to
such hunting of large animals. Hunting red deer, reindeer, ponies
and wild sows with clubs alone is well within the ability of modern

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