Re: Speciation - how do you know?

Nick Maclaren (
12 Sep 1996 09:18:36 GMT

In article <>, (Paul Crowley) writes:
|> In article <5140cp$>
|> "HARRY R. ERWIN" writes:
|> > H. neanderthalensis had a number of skeletal specializations
|> > for close-in combat with large mammals . .
|> This is sheer fantasy. Combat with aurochs? Or with any large
|> quadruped? If this was how it normally got a significant proportion
|> of its food the life expectation of the average H.n. would be very
|> short.

But why should it be for food gathering? African buffalos have a
large number of skeletal specialisations for close combat with
large predators, but get a negligible proportion of their food by
hunting them :-)

You should probably have said "speculation" rather than "fantasy".
It isn't an implausible explanation of the features, after all.

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