blood type and evolution

Kirt Nieft (
Mon, 09 Sep 1996 06:40:48 -0700

Hello. I have lurked this newsgroup for some time and hope this post isn't
out of line, but I'm sure I'll be told so by the more enthusiatic posters
if it is. :)

I have recently read in a pop magazine an uncited reference to
anthropological research supporting the idea that specific blood types
evolved at specific periods in human evolution. Type O was representative
of hunter gatherers, B representative of agriculture, etc. The article
implied that this may have implications for what diet a particular person
of a particular blood type may be attracted to (more meat for type O, for

Is this new research? Can anyone point me toward more info on the subject?
(Technical is OK.)


Kirt Nieft / Melisa Secola