Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

Clive Conway (
Sun, 08 Sep 1996 15:17:53 +1030

Hi all,

"Creationists win" is a somewhat sad phase, for many reasons:

-when "creationists win" in fact everybody loses. Truth is once again
compromised to absurd propaganda driven by primitive animism born of
ignorance, fear and insecurity.

-it is sad for the creationists, because their "victories" will
ultimately be short lived. Whilst their views seems absurd to the vast
majority today, in thirty years they will seem all the more so as the
already overwhelming body of evidence against them will be even more

-It is sad because creationism is in fact increasing the gap between the
have and have-nots in the information centred world. The information
rich are not being conned by creationists, but the information deprived
in third world countries are being massively converted to fundamentalist
Christianity and all its absurd dogmas, and so are being more
information deprived than ever.

-It is sad because, as a Christian, all I can see being gained here is a
destruction of the very things which should be at the heart of
Christianity and all religions--the pursuit of truth, love compassion,
and solutions to the world's ills, not ignorant perpetuation of them.

Let's stop the scientific apologetic people. Science is largely right,
it is self-critical, and it is in search of truth. We have nothing to
prove to the loony bin fringe of Creationists out there. Let them prove
their arguments, (and let them do it without recourse to Satan, a
tampering God, lies or misquoting. In fact without lies or misquoting
they would have very little left)

Creationism, on the other hand, is unscientific (though Creationists
seems confused about this--look at your own literature if you're a
creationist, and see how many of your own gurus actually disclaim
scientific method!), it is unbiblical (if one uses the bible properly),
it is unChristian, and it is utterly untenable.

Creatonists should take heed of the biblical imperative to "Choose
life", which is maybe similar to "GET A LIFE!"


"Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
-- T S Eliot, "Choruses from The Rock"
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