Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

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5 Sep 1996 03:32:46 GMT

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GC>At the trial, Clarence Darrow held up the tooth of an extinct pig and
GC>claimed that it was from Nebraska Man!

HH>Full bibliographic reference, please.

I think I brought my copy of the transcript with me. Yep.
I've tried locating any reference to Nebraska Man within
the transcript, and have consistently failed. There certainly
is no reference to NM in the expert testimony. If Darrow did
say anything about Nebraska Man, I've missed it and no one
has been able to provide a reference to day and time of
statement, and I've been asking for this information for
several years now. The ICR even says that Nebraska Man was
*not* presented in the trial (in their usual oh-so-fair


[...] The imaginative newspaper coverage and the timing of the
find made a big impression at the 1925 Scopes Trial. Nebraska
man was never introduced into the trial, since the lead
paleoanthropologist Dr. Fay Cooper cole had some misgivings
about it, but it was there nonetheless.

[End quote -- RM Cornelius & JD Morris, 1995, Scopes: Creation on Trial,
ICR, p.40.]

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