Did They Look Alike...?

E.G. Land (bard@smarty.smart.net)
3 Sep 1996 20:32:58 GMT

On one level, Homo sapiens appear to come in more physiological
variety than most other species. Even within a given ethnic group
we find a large range of size, shape, coloration, etc. Most of this,
we can assume, is because of the known interaction most groups have
had with others. Europeans, for example, are quite varied, certain
Asian groups less so, at least on a superficial level. In thinking
about this we can well assume that the further we go back the less
variety we'll find. 5000 years ago, Egyptians may have been as
similar in appearance as present day inland Chinese. Forty-thousand
years ago would Cro-Magnon moving westward into Europe have been a
much varied people?

If we go back further still and consider Homo erectus, and perhaps
even the Australopithecines how much variation in physical appearance
would find?

Blond-headed piths? Green eyes? Obese?

EG Land


BARD (aka Ed Garth Land)
Fly On-The-Wall, Inc.