Re: Luxembourg Is Nova Chalconia; Luxembourg City Is Hakungoak

Tue, 03 Sep 1996 20:14:02 GMT (Rob Heerdink) wrote something like this: (irrelevant
passages cut)

>In article <> (SANDARPA) writes:

>>In article <50gavs$>,
>>>In <50fre3$>
>>> writes:
>>>>>Antonio Gomez Muzcreidt, Ph.D.
>>>>>People's International University
>>>>Um...just what is the People's International University, and what are
>>>>you a Ph.D. of?
>>>>Just curious...
>>>And I have a question for you: Who is paying you to ask these
>>>Antonio Gomez Muzcreidt

>>And I have a question for you: Why are you avoiding answering the
>>question ; and why are you posting in so many groups

>That's two questions.

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YES! A cross-post from hell. And utter nonsense. Let me have my share.