Re: The origin of personal property

T&B Schmal (
Sun, 01 Sep 1996 10:23:03 +0000

Blankets may not have been the first personal property. I read a Reuters
story in the paper yesterday on the problems of prize apple growers west
of Tokoyo. It seems monkeys are stealing their apples. Several had been
seen running off with apples stashed in plastic shopping bags. Monkeys!

In past threads, the idea that the earliest bipeds utilized food-sharing
as one of their survival advantages, was panned as much too premature.
The consensus was that this trait probably didn't develop until habilis.
This idea might merit reconsideration - if monkeys can figure out how to
use a plastich shopping bag, couldn't early bipeds (what is the common
name for this guy, anyway, other than the missing link) work food-carrying
and -sharing into their bag of survival tricks?

Tom Schmal
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