Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

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31 Aug 1996 15:19:18 GMT

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Micheal Keane <> wrote:
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#George Cooper <> wrote:
#>I don't see how any evolutionist could object to this. States should not
#>mandate what shall be taught in a science classroom, right? At
#>least that's what you evolutionists argued for in Arkansas & Louisiana.
#>Are you pro-choice or not?
#There is not choice as to what constitutes science. Creationism is a
#collection of lies and mistruths. Even it's greatest proponents will admit
#that it is NOT science. Therefore, it shouldn't be in a *science* class.
#Evolution is science. In fact, a great deal of science is based around it.
#Any teacher who leaves evolution out a science class is not teaching

Point of logic: Any teacher who puts creationism into a science
class is not teaching science (when teaching creationism); however,
it is perfectly possible to teach science without teaching
evolution. What is not possible is to teach biology adequately
without teaching evolution, since nothing in biology makes
sense except in the light of evolution (as it is said).


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