Re: Aquatic ape theory

chris brochu (
26 Sep 1995 17:08:39 GMT

In article <449606$> Sean Stinson, writes:
>I've noticed that there is a lot of argument over AAT
>that centres around aquatic predators, ex. Crocodiles.
>I don't see the validity to this argument. I would be
>inclined to say that predators are a selective pressure
>for a species to become BETTER adapted to its environment.
>ie. bacteria populations which have been subjected to
>antibiotics are becoming/became resistant. "Early human"
>populations may have been selected on their ability to
>better resist aquitic predator attacks, thus acquiring
>more and more aquitic traits.

You can only pass on your genes if you survive the attack. The best way
to survive a croc attack is to avoid it; i.e. stay out of the water.

Could someone please explain to me how a wading bipedal primate might be
so adapted? As far as I can tell, hominids are only the most advanced
form of croc chow to have evolved.