Re: Neanderthals...

28 Sep 1995 12:17:03 GMT

In article <44achk$>, (MFeldman77) writes:
>Back to the original question as to whether Neanderthals were separate
>species and could have mated w/ modern humans. Isn't it well established
>that Neanderthals were quite different physically? Their speech almost
>certainly was limited (the best argument I heard was in Lieberman's
>"Uniquely Human")

Lieberman's arguments were based on reconstructions of the throat anatomy
made by Crelin. It has been demonstrated (by Dean Falk, for one) that, if
Crelin's reconstruction was correct, the Neandertals would have had a hard
time swallowing, let alone speaking! Since there is evidence for Broca's
area in the endocast of a specimen currently classified as Homo habilis
(ER1470) I wouldn't rule out Neandertals speaking.

Caroline Cooper