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>> I have three points to make regarding the AAT.
>> 1) The AL-333 Locality suggests that A. afarensis was poorly adapted
>> to dealing with even moderate levels of water. The lithostratigraphy and
>> taphonomy of this "First Family" site indicates the group was incapable of
>eaping from a slowly rising water level while they were trapped on a

1) Are there any theories/guesses as to the mean temperature on
earth or in the water in this neighborhood around this time?

2) Is there a list of mean body temperatures of mammals?

3) Has any correlation-regression analysis been done to
explain the body temperatures of mammals in terms of size, level
of evolutionary development, life style (aquatic etc)?

It seems that in order for the water levels to be high, the
temperature would have to be high. If an animal is forced to
spend much time in water either it has to have insulation
protection or perhaps its body temperature will have to adjust
to the water temperature (maybe over a very long period of time).

Perhaps the 98.6 comes from adjusting to (and surviving in) the
water at a particular temperature.


Regards, Mark