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> >The evidence is not so clear. With India, we have Indo-Europeans entering
> >from Central Asia between 3 and 4 thousand years ago, so we can do a
> >crude calibration that way. For Northern and Western Europe, if Renfrew
> What kind of evidence/proof are we offered that there was
> no intermarriage and hence gene flow that would explain
> the "darkening"?

None. There was definitely gene flow. (The caste system was probably a
consequence.) The Indian data show what happens when the genes are
available without mutation. My point is the selection for a darker skin
does occur.

> Why haven't the South American Indians become even darker;
> they've certainly been around in that environment a lot longer
> than the Indo-Europeans in India.

A good issue. I'll defer to the physical anthropologists on this, but I
think you will find that they are about as dark, implying the selective
process has stabilized.

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