Partners sought by SD museum
Wed, 27 Sep 95 07:40:24 PDT

New small western South Dakota Museum seeks cooperation with university or graduate
student working in the Hell Creek formation. Local amateurs in association with the
museum have been in the field the past three summers and would like partner(s) with
more formal knowledge of paleontology and geology to pursue further studies.

Materials collected and to be collected include Triceratops, Edmontosaurus,
Thescelosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Edmontonia, etc. The Museum has access to private
land. All collections will remain the property of the Timber Lake and Area Historical
Society but are available for loan and study.

The museum€s collection includes marine fossils from the Fox Hills formation and Pierre
Shale and the material form the Hell Creek formation.

Fore more information please call 605-865-3546 or write Jim Nelson, PO Box 10, Timber
Lake, SD 57656.