Re: Master application

Mark Fagan (71640.2463@CompuServe.COM)
26 Sep 1995 21:17:10 GMT

While I did my MA in the States, I came back to Canada for my PhD
course work. The main centres for physical anthropology (though I
may be out of date) are U of Toronto and Calgary.

More important than where, though, is WHO. You should check the
literature and find a professor who is doing what you want to do.
If at all possible, try to meet them (either at a conference, open
house, or by appointment) and certainly correspond with them. Let
them know you are interested and get them interested in you. You
will only be accepted into a program in a professor wants to take
you on as a student.

Secondly, look for a program with a wide range of experiences
available. You need a broad outlook in anthropology and so a small
department can be a drawback. Funding for grants, opportunities to
TA, etc. are all plusses.

If you can afford it, don't overlook American schools. They have
very good programs and are at the leading edge of most sciences. I
attended the field school run by Northwestern University in
Kampsville, Illinois, under Dr. Jane Buikstra. I got excellent
practical training in osteology, archaology and lab work.