Naked Ape & ATT

Sean Stinson (
24 Sep 1995 22:41:16 GMT

Hi I've been posting in bio.evolution, and someone
suggested I look here. I've been wondering why
humans are furless, and I proposed that perhaps we
had an aquatic background. This was previous to my
introduction to ATT. After reading some of the arguments
here, I find myself more convinced than ever.
It makes sense our ancestors were pushed into marginal
lands that were swampy and wet, by their stronger more
competitive ape-like cousins, who stayed in the forest/savannah.
In order to avoid
attack by aquatic predators like crocodiles, we survived selectively
by our aquatic traits. ie. humans who were better adapted
to survive attack in an aquatic environment lived to have
more offspring. Thus leading to a species with partial aquatic
If I'm way off the mark here please post and tell me
where I've/ATT gone/goes wrong.