Re: JDM on Negus.

Phillip Bigelow (
21 Sep 1995 16:07:28 -0700

Elaine Morgan, reponding to J. Moore, wrote:

>El> On Negus I must admit I can't see what you are driving at. I write for a
>El> non-specialist market and tend to keep the quotes short. You find this
>El> sinister.

For crying out loud...
You seem to want things both ways. You desire to write for the
non-specialist market, yet you want your (and Hardy's) theory to be taken
seriously by the professional community, and you often bemoan this.
It seems to me that you *can* have it both ways:
Simply change your present style of writing, and quote accurately, quote
voluminously, and give full science-journal-style references (along with
page numbers). You are underestimating the voracity of your own
non-specialist audience.
Try more detailed referencing (ala science journals).
Those of your readers that can't deal with a citation-with-page-number in the
middle of a sentence will simply skip over the
citation. Those that want further reading can LOOK IT UP.