Re: Savannas

J. Moore (
Thu, 21 Sep 95 12:47:00 -0500

El> JDMoore informs me that the savanna theory was already defunct in the
El> nineteen sixties, before I ever wrote a word about evolution and I was
El> too thick to realise it.

Again Morgan misrepresents: I clearly referred to
JM> The "savannah theory" in the terms Alex was talking about

Alex has posted a message explaining to you just what this means.

El> Just a sprinkling of quotations:

Why there were even some titles there. One would only have to
read several hundred pages to see if you altered these quotes or
left out context, as per your common practice.

But of course you've read Alex's post, and now understand why the
"savannah theory" is not what you claim it to be. Not to mention
your insistence that "savannah" equals "arid" or "near-desert".

As for:
El> This makes it very tempting to let everything with your name on top of
El> it go unread as hate mail.
El> Elaine

Whether you "let everything with [my] name on top of it go unread"
is not a concern of mine. If you wish to consider anything that
isn't fawningly uncritical adoration as being "hate mail", you are
certainly free to do so.

Jim Moore (

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