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Se> The diving reflex is to my opinion one of the strongest arguments for
Se> the aquatic ape idea (AAI), but has nothing to do with body posture
Se> while diving. If I may quote Alister Hardy, the grand-father of the AAT:

Se> "It has been found experimentally that man has the remarkable adaptation
Se> which is found only among mammals and birds that dive under water. It is
Se> called the diving reflex and ...<snip>

And is also found in rabbits, sheep, and dogs...

Se> "pearl divers can remain below so long. It only happens if a man's *face*
Se> is submerged; it won't occur if he wears a mask. If he dives under water
Se> and his face exposed ...<snip>

Or by cold stimulation of the face without wetting...

Se> Maarten Fornerod.

Reminds me of something Huxley once said...

Sorry to douse your upbeat mood with some of those ugly fact thingys.

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