Re: Savanna: a slow demise

Bryce Harrington (
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 05:27:31 GMT

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Elaine Morgan <> wrote:
>JDMoore informs me that the savanna theory was already defunct in
>the nineteen sixties, before I ever wrote a word about evolution
>and I was too thick to realise it. Just a sprinkling of quotations:
>The savannah Theory is dead, but it did not end in the sixties, and it
>was an unconscionable time a-dying. Even up to less than a year ago,
>though the song may have ended, the melody lingered on.

I've been watching things here on the net for about three years, and I
only started seeing the "death of the savannah theory" comments within
the last year or so - since Tim White's 1994 article about his find.
In fact, the new theory doesn't even have a catch-phrase yet, though
I've seen it referred to as the "mosaic" theory. I don't know where
Moore is coming from; it sounds as if he's just trying to incite things.


Bryce Harrington